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A customized, one of a kind piece. You provide the autograph, and we'll make it a custom, cut auto card. We completely customize the card around the autograph... please keep in mind size constraints of the embedded cut auto must be within the confines of a 2.5" x 3.5" card ("one of one" designation available for additional charge). If your cut is larger, we can make jumbo cards or booklets, but plese inquire on our contac page before ordering!


This price point includes one cut. To add additional cuts or relics, please contact us! Foiling is also available in our store as an add on!


Please contact us at for where to mail your autographed pieces. ***WHEN YOU MAIL IN YOUR ITEM(S)*** please include a copy of your receipt that shows your order number.


Color: White
  • Cards are printed on premium materials, are machine cut, and hand-assembled. Cards fit in a 100-point, one-touch case.