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First of all...


Second, I can't begin to explain how fun it is to make customized trading cards for customers. There's nothing better than getting a message back from you saying, "THIS CARD IS ABSOLUTELY SICK!"

I've been a graphic designer since 2008 and decided in 2021 to make a couple of customized cards for my two sons with swatches of their game-used soccer jerseys. The short story is, I haven't stopped making cards since! 

I love hearing customers' ideas on cards. Whether it's a pro athlete who never was in a certain set, personalized cards for your dad, cut autographs into custom one-of-one's, or a card of your dog with a collar swatch embedded (yes, I've done this), the sky is the limit and your (and my) creativity is the only thing standing in the way of getting your cards customized. 

Send me a message to get the ball rolling or visit my store for cards ready to order.

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