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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to take a look below... If you don't see your question answered, feel free to reach out via our contact page.

How much is a custom card?


There are quite a few variables involved, but here is a good baseline:


For kids cards pricing, check out our KIDS CARDS page!

Cut autograph or relics cards start at $150 (includes one cut)

Booklets are $275 (includes two cuts)

Jumbo Cards start at $200 (includes one cut)

Any additional cut out (anything else embedded) is an additional $25

Standard Foiling effects are an additional $50 on any size card per side (Standard Foiling is just an outline of foil on text or an object).

Standard Foiling for Booklets is $75 (this is for a two panel booklet)

Full coverage Foiling or Holofoil is $100 per side for a standard size card and $125 for a jumbo size card (This is foiling that can cover an entire area of a design or text)


To order a custom card, fill out THIS order form!

Where do I send my relics or cut autographs?

Once an order is placed or agreed upon, we will provide you with a mailing address... Please read our TERMS OF SERVICE to understand more about liability and shipping your items. You can place an order by filling out our CUSTOM CARD ORDER FORM.

Can I choose the photo you use for my custom order?

Possibly! The photo needs to be high resolution and sometimes there are licensing issues that would need to be resolved. You can always make suggestions, but Reclaim Cards will need to have the final say so.


Do I provide you with photos? Where do I send my relics/artifacts?


High resolution photos can be sent to:

Relics and materials can be sent to our shop! Contact us on where to send your items!


Please see our Terms of Service before sending your items and ordering

Do you do bulk orders at a discount?

Yes! See our basic Bulk Pricing HERE!

What is your current turnaround times on projects? 

It is difficult to give a definitive wait time because each project is so unique… some projects take an hour, some take a day and a half.  We don’t like giving time estimates, because it puts pressure on us to “get it done” and the end product suffers if we’re rushed. If you place an order, you're welcome to check in at any time, but just remember the more "when will my project be done" messages we have to answer, the less time we have to make cards!

What we can tell you is that each project gets the best care possible. From design to assembly, to packing up and shipping. We promise it will be amazing when it’s done! 

Orders are made in the order they are received. We just ask that you be patient! When you're the best in the business, demand is high! 

Can I expedite my project?

Yes! You can bump your project to the top of the list! Here is the pricing breakdown for expediting your order:

Standard Card: $100 for the first card and $50 for any subsequent card in the order

Jumbo Card: $125 for the first card and $75 for any subsequent card in the order.

What materials do you use for your cards?

While we're pretty transparent on all aspects of out process, this is some secret sauce that we are reluctant to share! We pride ourselves in using quality products.


Do you do other projects other than Cards and Jersey Frames?

Yes! Just let me know your ideas and we can talk through it!



Still have more questions? Feel free to reach out HERE!

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