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Getting your jersey framed is simple! Let Reclaim Cards design, print and ship your die-cut poster to you. See all the details below!

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How It Works

Starting at just $149.99, Reclaim Cards can design, print, cut, and ship you a stellar looking print for your jersey! Click the link below to order, but probably best to read how it works before getting started....

We offer our standard, 24x36 frame HERE, but also carry a 30x42 option, which you can order HERE, but be sure to read all this information first! (you'll also need to find your own frame to fit that size!)


Mounting it and framing your jersey is simple!

When you place your order, let us know what player, team and sport. We also need to know the measurements of the opening you would want in the die-cut where your jersey would be displayed, typically wide enough and long enough to show the back nameplate and number if that’s where the autograph is (if there is an autograph).


Once you submit your oder details, we will be in touch via the email address you provide by showing you your design before it's sent to print. 

In the meantime here are a few supplies you'll need to mount your jersey:


Double Sided Mounting Tape

THIS 24x36" Frame from Michael's

(If you're ordering 30x42", you'll have to find a different frame!)

When your print arrives, mounting in it a frame is easy! Unless otherwise specified, your jersey and print will fit in THIS 24x36 frame from Michael's (but almost any poster frame will do). *Please note this is NOT a shadow box!!*

(1) Cut your posterboard 1" larger than your die-cut opening on all four sides. Unroll and stick your mounting tape around the edges of all four sides of your poster board.

(2) Place your poster board inside of the jersey (as if you were dressing a mannequin) and center it on your poster board.

(3) Once the jersey is in place, bring your hand up inside the shirt and peel one piece of mounting tape at a time. With each strip of tape you expose, begin to tighten your jersey around the poster board and apply pressure to it from the top down so it sticks to the tape and so it also lays flat and eliminates wrinkles.


(4) Once you get it on your poster board with your double-sided tape, lay your frame face down on a large table or the floor and open up the back.

(5) Set in your poster as if you were framing a photo. The print will lay behind the glass like a picture in a photo frame.

(6) place your mounted jersey centered onto the die-cut area of your poster.

(7) Put the backside of the poster frame back on and re-attatch the fasteners. The backside of the poster frame will hold your mounted jersey tight up against the glass and print.

Please be patient for your tracking information once your designs are approved! Orders usually take as long as 10 business days from start to finish. 

Once your print arrives, please remove carefully from packaging! If your packaging appears damaged, please take ample photos of the damage before you open it. Reclaim Customs is not responsible for damage once poster arrives! 

Be sure to email photos of your finished product to:

A few more notices: We do our best to find a high resolution image that works for large format printing, but sometimes once they are blown up for your poster, they get slightly pixelated. Reclaim Cards is not responsible for this and by placing your order, you recognize this could happen. The good news is, once it's on the wall, you won't be able to notice it. Customers are welcome to provide their own photos, as long as they fit within the constraints of the poster layout, and are at least 2,000 pixels tall at 300 dpi. If Reclaim Cards cannot find a photo suitable for your desired person, touch-ups to lower resolution photos can be made for an additional $50 fee. Photos that are pre-2010 or players who are more obscure with limited photo options may fall under these requirements. 

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