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Terms Of Service

Please read these carefully before beginning your project. 


Unless other arrangements have been made, all payments are to be made before your order is shipped to you. Sometimes projects require half down, or full payment prior to commencement of your project.

Design rates come out to be around $55 per hour. 


Once your card is designed and you approve the design (this could be verbal, over a text message, or social media message), Reclaim cards is no longer responsible for spelling errors or anything else once it is sent to print. 


Unless you pay for exclusive rights to a design, Reclaim Cards reserves the right to reprint and sell as many copies as we like. Even if you order a 1/1, Reclaim Cards can offer the design (minus the 1/1 stamp) to other customers. This does not apply to kids cards or personal cards of yourself or loved ones. Those will not be reprinted without the customer’s consent. 

With any player or pop culture Short print or One of One custom order, Reclaim cards reserves the right to make unnumbered versions, and other One of One variations based on that design and continue to offer those at a discounted rate after the design is complete.


Shipping to Reclaim Cards

Relics or anything else that is sent to Reclaim Cards for your custom work will not be returned unless otherwise discussed before the project begins. This could incur extra shipping charges. 


Reclaim Cards

18291 Forest Ave

Spring Lake, MI 49456

The customer is responsible for all insurance on items sent to Reclaim Customs and also when it's sent back to the customer. RECLAIM CUSTOMS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS THAT ARE SHIPPED. Customer claims all responsibility and Reclaim Customs will not be liable for lost goods while in transit, or otherwise. The Customer sends autos, materials, relics, etc. at their own risk!

Card Condition

While we pride ourselves in providing customers with a quality product, what you receive are not pristine, "PSA 10" cards. They are machine cut and hand assembled and there may be minor flaws or partially soft corners.

Shipping and Returns/Refunds

Shipping within the United States is typically $10 or less unless discussed prior to the project. All international shipping is to be paid by the customer.


There are no returns or refunds on any item unless they arrive damaged or there was an error made by Reclaim Cards. Please contact us if such a case arises and we will resolve it with you.

If you send items/relics/autographs to Reclaim Customs for a personal project and you change your mind and request the item back before the project starts, there is a $30 return fee.

If you send a personal check to pay for your project, there is a $50 return check fee if it fails to cash. 

Agreeing to doing business with Reclaim Cards means you have agreed to these terms.

Premium Autograph Fees

While every relic that comes through our shop is handled with care, some autographs/relics will require premium fees if the autographs are deemed more valuable than the average athlete or celebrity. Those fees vary, but range from $50 - $200 depending on the subject matter. This is put in place because of the extra care and attention they require for handling, storage/environment, and assembly. 

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